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Small private writing groups. Weekly and monthly live chats. Co-writing sessions. 


New mini-courses & writing exercises added weekly. Curate topics & posts to match your writing interests.


Weekly group writing prompts. Monthly writing challenges. Accountability groups.

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Monthly guest instructors. Meet, ask questions, and chat online with published nonfiction authors, memoirists, poets, editors, and successful bloggers.

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A new type of community

Over the past five years, the HerStories Project has brought together hundreds of women through our writing classes, blog, and anthology projects.

Private writing circles. We’ll match you (if you choose) with a small, supportive writing group, based on your writing goals, interests, and background. We’ll guide your group to share accountability goals, critique each other’s writing, and provide support and feedback.

Learning tracks. Choose and follow the topics (personal essay writing, building a platform, pitching/getting published) that interest you. New content, lessons, and exercises will be added each week for each track. You can participate, ask questions, and share your experiences in discussion forums about these topics. 

Personalize your experience. Select and follow only the topics that interest you. Find and connect with other members with similar interests. 

Weekly writing prompts. Stuck on what to write? Need inspiration? Respond to weekly writing prompts and share your responses. You can also participate in monthly themed writing challenges.

Live chat and co-writing sessions. Throughout the month, live chats for writers with similar interests or with experts and published authors will be scheduled. You can also sit down and get writing with fellow writers during weekly co-writing sessions.

What Writers Say About Our Classes....

"Publish your Best Personal Essay was an excellent online class - distinguished from others I have taken by its very well organized structure, user-friendly software, clear lesson plans and insightful teachers and experts."
"The best online course I've had for memoir. In five years of taking writing workshops, Jessica's class was the hands on and specifics I'd been looking for. Classes in the past had too much time spent on feedback for the work of others and not enough time spent on building skills with exercises specific for that part of writing."
"Jessica and Stephanie led us through essay writing in small, manageable steps. I found this method really helpful as I am often overwhelmed by the blank page. I have taken many on-line classes and this was one of the few times that I did not overwhelmed and loose track of the process. I had a great experience working with Jessica and the other writers."
"This class was worth more to me in what I learned than classes I've paid $500 for. There were concrete examples, and exercises. We weren't weighed down with feedback for others. It was the best online writing course I've had in five years."

Any questions?

We understand that you may have lots of questions about this new type of community! Email us at info@herstoriesproject.com.

How much does it cost? What if I’m not happy with the community?

For a limited time, a subscription to the membership community will be $16 per month. This includes access to online courses, inclusion in private writing groups, and full access to all of the forums. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time!

When will the live chats and co-writing sessions take place?

When you enroll, we’ll send out a survey to help us figure out the times and days that work best for everyone. We’ll make sure that there are options that work! Live chats are saved and you can access them afterward anytime.

Do I need any special technology? What if I’m not so great at tech stuff?

No, you don’t need anything but your computer. You don’t need any special equipment beyond that. You’ll have access to a set of instructions for how to navigate the community. And you can email us or message us anytime with questions!

How do I know this community is right for me?

The community is right for all female writers at midlife — at any experience level. We will say that we don’t have much experience with teaching fiction writing, and fiction writing won’t be the focus of our online courses or forums. Beyond that, this course is NOT for writers who are only interested in promoting themselves or their brands or those who have difficulty with collaboration, support, and mutual respect.

Midlife is hard. You're not alone.

The Co-editors of The HerStories Project

Jessica Smock, Ed.D.

Jessica is the co-founder and Executive Editor of The HerStories Project. Read more about Jessica here.

Stephanie Sprenger

Stephanie is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The HerStories Project. Read more about Stephanie here.

Here's a sneak peek video of the community in action....

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After you purchase a membership, we’ll email you within one business day with instructions about how to join the community. We’ll give you lots of suggestions about how to have a successful experience within the community, get support, and ask questions.

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