Getting Started

The Basics

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Topics are designed to organize content and conversations for you in the community. You can get to Topics from navigation, from Search & Discovery, and from the Topics tag in any activity. Topics are sort of like mini-forums. When you write a Post or an Article, you can “tag” it with a Topic. (You can only tag each Post or Article with one tag.)

You’ll be prompted to follow some Topics when you first join the community. When you follow a Topic, your main activity feed will be personalized so that you’ll see more of the posts in that Topic. You’ll also automatically be introduced to other members who are interested in the same Topics.

If you ever want to update or change which Topics you follow, just navigate to Topics from the left navigation and click or tap on “Following” or “Follow” to Follow or unfollow that Topic.


 You’ll automatically start receiving notifications when there is activity that is relevant to you.

By default, you’ll get push notifications on your phone or email notifications depending on how you’ve set up your preferences.

To update your notification settings in the app or on the web, go to your Profile Image > Personal Settings > Notifications.

To tag or @mention another member in a post or comment, simply type in the “@” symbol and then start typing in someone’s name.

Once you’ve tagged a member in a published post or comment, they’ll get notified if they have email notifications set up. Their name will also link directly to their profile in your network.

When you join the community, you’ll be prompted to choose one of several Specialties to describe yourself. Choose one, or come up with another, that best describes you as a writer.

From the main menu on the left, you can click on “Specialties” and see other writers who have similar interests and backgrounds.


You can send and receive private, direct messages with other members in the same network.

Start a new direct message with a another member by navigating to their profile and tapping on the button that says “Say Hello.”

You can access your direct messages with other members by clicking on the chat icon in the upper right corner.

You have opportunity to follow other members. When you choose to follow another member, this will trigger more of that person’s activity to show up in your feed. You will also get notified whenever that person posts something new.

To follow someone, just navigate to their profile and tap the button that says “Follow.” That’s it! 

While you can follow as many topics as you wish and join as many mini-courses, please join no more than three groups. Our goal is to keep the private groups small, focused, and interactive.

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